4 Ways to Cocktail (beyond the bar)

It seems like multitasking has gotten a bad reputation lately, but, multitasking is still a great thing when it comes to skincare products. You might not know it, but a lot of the products and ingredients that you are using to fight off a fine line, or brighten your complexion, can also help with things like cellulite and stretch marks… who knew?!?

Below are a list of some of the best multi-tasking ingredients you can use right now.

Problem #1: dull, tired skin in need of a pick-me-up.

Microneedling has finally made it to the United States, and we’re wondering how we lived so long without it. Hundreds of tiny (pain free!) needles roll over the skin to cause a ‘micro injury’ that prompts skin to stimulate collagen production. This will help the appearance of fine lines, and plumping the skin.

When using a microneedling dermaroller, the skin is able to absorb topical products deeper than without. Expect up to a 200x absorption rate! So, when paired with a favorite serum (we recommend this one) you’ll see firmer, plumper, dewier skin quicker.

Microneedling dermaroller + your favorite serum = plumper, dewier skin faster!

Problem #2: stretch marks

OK, let’s start with the real talk; unless you’re paying a dermatologist with a super strong laser, you’re never getting rid of stretch marks completely. BUT you can mask them today, in the comfort of your own home.

Retinol serum can be used twice a day on the affected area. This helps increase collagen production and helps fade discoloration over time. Afterwards, layer on a body moisturizer to add hydration and further help smooth out the area. If you’re showing off this part of your body, layer on a self tanner (or bronzer if you have a deeper skin tone) and you’re ready for a day at the pool!

Retinol serum + body lotion + self-tanner = bye bye stretch marks!

Problem #3: cellulite

If you’re not ready to embrace the dimples, there are a few tricks to smooth them out.

Hyaluronic acid is normally used to bring, and hold moisture to the skin. For cellulite, this plumping effect helps mask the uneven texture. And feel free to just purchase a more economical larger size of hyaluronic acid. Cover with good moisturizing body lotion, and finish off with a self-tanner (or bronzer if you have a deeper skin tone).

Hyaluronic acid + body lotion + self-tanner = smoother skin!

Problem #4: midday makeup funk

We’ve all been there: you leave the house in the morning looking as fresh and put together as you possibly can for a Monday. Then, about 2pm you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror (always under fluorescent lighting!) and hardly recognize the shiny, tired-looking person staring back at you.

A quick refresh will always do the trick. For tired looking eyes grab an eye cream with a good dose of hyaluronic acid (to plump the skin) as well as some subtle brightening ingredients. Using your ring finger, dab a small dot around the orbital bone of the eye area. You’ll immediately see the plumping and brightening benefits.

To cut the shine, spritz a mattifying toner on the face. Not only does this cut out the shine, it help refresh and rest your morning makeup.

Eye cream + toner = a refreshed complexion!



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Mature 67 years old skin in need of a nighttime & a daytime moisturizer with sunblock. Suggestions?

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