5 Reasons Microneedling is Your Beauty Game Changer

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Cosmedica is hands down the best skin care line ever, hands down, no close second. I started slow with the triple play ( Hyaluronic serum, Retinol and C Serum) in a month I could not get over the difference in my skin. 52 I had it all, dark spots, acne scars, oily in some places, very dry in others…lines, aging skin (I think you get the picture) before a month was out I could see such a huge difference in my skin so I cranked up my regimen and got the derma roller, night cream and nutrient balm as well as the eye brightner. I had also purchased the eye cream but sadly in an effort to get rid of all the products that made promises they didn’t keep I accidentally threw it out…I love every single product. My skin is truly younger, plumper, luminous, dark spots are definitely breaking up and going away and my skin absolutely looks and behaves 7-10 years younger. Ohhh I almost forgot I also purchased the Rose Gold Serum and love applying it to my skin after I have done my makeup, shoulders and cleavage. Can’t say enough good things about this product line. Keep up the great work.

Virginia June 18, 2018

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