5 Reasons to Use Hydrating Night Cream

Skin care products are not “one size fits all.” Depending on the weather, your skin type, and the time of day, you might need to adjust your routine to get that clear and healthy glow. Let’s take, for instance, your daytime versus nighttime moisturizers. Daytime moisturizers offer lightweight hydration and protection from the sun, wind and pollution, while nighttime moisturizers are specially formulated to promote recovery and soothe the skin as you sleep.

During your slumber, your body is hard at work regenerating cells and repairing itself from the damage of the day. And being the largest organ in the body and your first line of defense, your skin goes into overdrive healing itself. In fact, your skin is even more accepting of certain beneficial ingredients at night. So, while it may seem like just a ploy by beauty brands to sell you more products, hydrating night creams actually offer several unique benefits that you may not find in your daytime products.

Here’s five reasons why you should be using a hydrating night cream in your beauty regimen:

1. Ultra-Hydrating

Whether it’s the bitter chill of winter or the drying heat of the summer, the weather can leave your skin dehydrated. Not to mention, your skin loses more water overnight. This is why night creams are typically a thicker consistency to add and retain moisture.

2. Anti-Aging Effects

Many night creams contain extra oils and vitamins that boost collagen production, or the connective tissue that keeps your skin firm and plump. This helps combat sagging skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

3. Glowing Skin

No one wants dull skin, but a lack of hydration and build-up of old skin cells can easily cause you to look lackluster. Your night cream adds significant moisture that helps you look more refreshed and dewier when you wake up. By massaging in your night cream, you stimulate blood flow to the face which increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients and results in a fresh-faced appearance.

4. Even Complexion

Anything from acne scars to harsh sun rays can produce discoloration. However, a quality night cream promotes skin cell renewal which can help even out the skin tone. Plus, many hydrating moisturizers contain ingredients like vitamin C or retinol that work to fade dark spots.

5. Softer Skin

Perhaps the clearest benefit of regularly using nighttime moisturizer is soft and supple skin. Through extra hydration and skin cell renewal, hydrating night creams can keep skin smooth.

Finding the right moisturizer for the appropriate step in your routine gives you the best chance at achieving your ideal complexion. Cosmedica Skincare’s Multi-Active Hydrating Night Cream features a unique blend of botanicals and antioxidants to keep your face balanced and clear. Craft your perfect nighttime routine by adding a cleanser, toner and serum to layer underneath your hydrating night cream.




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