5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Skin

We live in a dirty world. It’s true. Our skin is under relentless attack from a variety of grimy factors. Some of those are environmental, including free radicals and pollution in the air, that can affect our skin. There are also factors like the makeup we wear, the foods we eat, and just the regular dirt, oil, and bacteria that accumulate on our skin each day. Finding the right methods of detoxification are important for skin health. Here are five simple ways to detox your skin. 

Detox #1: Cleanse Twice a Day

This might seem like a simple step, but many people fall into bed without washing their face. As one of the worse things you can do for your skin, going to bed with an unwashed face is going to lead to a lack of radiance, clogged pores, and uneven tone. So make sure you wash twice a day with vegan cruelty-free skincare products, like our Cosmedica Skincare’s Facial Cleansers, to detoxify and get rid of debris each day. 

Detox #2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation a few times a week with a manual scrub is one of the best ways to detox your skin. Using a scrub like our 2.5% Glycolic Facial Scrub will stimulate the skin’s renewal process. The glycolic acid is a naturally occurring fruit acid that combined with a scrub is going to gently remove impurities in the skin.  

Detox #3: Use a Retinol Serum 

Another great way to detox the skin is to use a 2.5% Retinol Facial Serum. This form of Vitamin A is going to speed up cellular turnover in the skin making it brighter, more even in tone, and will naturally purge your skin of the debris that is making it lackluster, tired-looking, and dull. 

Detox #4: Try a Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C products are potent antioxidants that can help to ward off free radicals in the environment making your skin have a better defense against these toxins. You’ll find that when you use a variety of Cosmedica Skincare’s Vitamin Cbased skincare products, like our Vitamin C Super Serum, Brightening Eye Treatment Gel, and Vitamin C Day Cream, your skin is going to be better equipped to ward off toxins. 

Detox #5: Use Vegan Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

When you use vegan cruelty-free skincare products, like the ones from Cosmedica Skincare, you are exposing your skin to less toxic facial products. Our products are carefully crafted using the absolute purest skincare ingredients. Plus, none of our products contain harmful parabens, which are toxic artificial preservatives. Overall, the less harmful chemical toxins in your skincare products, the better they are for your skin.

Committing to a detox routine for your skin is going to make it more radiant, resilient, and beautiful. Find the right skincare routine for your skin type with Cosmedica Skincare’s vegan, cruelty-free products to make your skin the absolute best it can be.  










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