Announcing Our Cooling Eye Edit Kit for Target

Say hello to our newest addition! The Cooling Eye Edit Kit is going to be your new best friend when it comes to your morning skincare routine. This Kit is now available only at Target in stores and online! 

What is Cosmedica Skincare’s Cooling Eye Edit Kit?

Cosmedica Skincare's Cooling Eye Edit Kit is designed specifically for dull and tired eyes. This kit is made with skin plumping hyaluronic acid and antioxidant packed Vitamin C. Cosmedica Skincare's Brightening Eye Treatment is a gel base formula designed to brighten and smooth the skin around your eyes. The Brightening Eye Treatment is paired with a perfectly sized Cooling Ice Globe to tighten and de-puff the skin around your eyes, you will see and feel improvements around your eyes after the first use.

Our Newest Cosmedica Skincare Tool: The Ice Globe 

The Cooling Eye Edit Kit includes an Ice Globe tool that you will instantly fall in love with. The Ice Globe will help you have fresh, clear, and invigorated skin. Use your Ice Globe at least three times a week in order to boost your complexion, consistent use of the Ice Globe will assist your skin with cell regeneration and your skin's surface will be left looking bright and healthy. This tool is very calming and cooling which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! 

Pair With Our Brightening Eye Treatment 

Our Cooling Eye Edit Kit also includes our Brightening Eye Treatment. The Brightening Eye Treatment combines powerful Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Grapeseed Oil to ensure deep penetration to the eye area. Cosmedica Skincare's Brightening Eye Treatment helps heal and repair the eye area by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, assists in restoring elasticity, and evens out your skin tone and texture to correct dark circles and dullness. You will love our Brightening Eye Treatment because of how natural and effective it is. 

Calms Puffiness in the AM 

The Cooling Eye Edit Kit will also be beneficial when calming puffiness in the morning. Since the Ice Globe has a cooling effect it improves blood circulation when applied under your eyes which helps reduce puffiness. The Ice Globe combined with the Brightening Eye Treatment is the ultimate duo when it comes to calming the skin around your eyes in the morning to give you a fresh glowing look! 

How To Use the Cooling Eye Edit Kit

In order to use the Cooling Eye Edit Kit start by placing your Ice Globe in your fridge for at least ten minutes prior to using. While your globe is cooling in your fridge cleanse your face, apply your serum of choice, and then apply the Brightening Eye Treatment to the under-eye area. Take your Ice Globe out of your fridge and slowly rub and roll the chilled Ice Globe gently under your eyes, across your cheeks, and all the way to your forehead and neck. Once you are done, wash and dry your Ice Globe and place it in a safe place. Then continue with following your daily morning skincare routine and stay glowing!

Caution! Do not place the Ice Globe in the freezer. After using Cooling Ice Globe, gently pat a pea-size amount around the eye area with your ring finger, before moisturizing.

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