Cosmedica Skincare's 2022 Sustainability Mission

This year is an opportunity for our company to refresh and reflect, and our Cosmedica Skincare team is taking a serious step towards being more eco-friendly! Our products have always been clean and cruelty-free, but we want to expand our approach to "clean" beyond just our products. 2022 for us means being extra aware of our environmental impact and making a concerted effort to close the waste loop. 

Recycling and Energy Saving in Our Headquarters

Our first initiative is to reduce energy waste in our production warehouse and office headquarters. We plan to do so by conserving power wherever we can with our equipment, computers, lights, and HVAC systems. Since we are based in California, water conservation has been on our radar for years now! In 2022, we will continue on a path of low water waste in our warehouse facility. 

line of bottles waiting to be filled in Cosmedica production facility

We also have implemented multiple recycle-and-reuse standards of operation in our packing department. These efforts include:

  • Reusing as many boxes/bags as we can for re-storage and daily operations
  • Shredding papers and boxes for retail shipping boxes
  • Returning our wooden pallets to be refurbished
  • Selling/donating our plastic barrels to local organizations for their own use
empty Cosmedica Skincare bottles in line with plants and leaves planted inside

Educate Customers on Recycling Packaging

Luckily, all of Cosmedica Skincare's boxes are printed with FSC material and vegetable ink - which means it is already doing good for the earth and safe to recycle. Another bonus about our packaging, is that glass bottles are super eco-friendly (and can be reused)! Many of our customers do not know, though, that our plastic bottles, jars, and tubes are able to be safely recycled in their home and local recycling facility. Throughout the year, we will be sharing pertinent information with our buyers on how to properly dispose of their packaging to hopefully help close the waste loop. 

Cosmedica Skincare Hyaluronic Acid on a flat surface with glass bottles and beakers

Fundraise for The Environment 

We are planning multiple fundraising events - through our website sales and through safe, in-person gatherings - where we can dedicate extra time to mother earth. In 2021, we executed different fundraising events, such as our Adopt A Shelter Pet drive and our Women's Equality Day fundraiser. But in 2022, we are hoping to expand our nonprofit efforts into local clean-ups, conservations, and crowd-sourcing for national environmental organizations. 

Cosmedica Skincare boxes on a shelf in warehouse storage space

Continue Sourcing and Producing Clean Beauty Products

Our mission has always been to create non-toxic, safe, and clean beauty products that are safe for everyone to use. This mission holds strong as we enter the new year. For every new product and reformulation we release, our goal is to find the cleanest ingredients that can provide you the same results you expect from Cosmedica Skincare. As always, our products will stay cruelty-free and will never be tested on animals! 

Looking for a way to get involved in our sustainability project? Follow along with us on Instagram as we share more information and updates on our progress throughout the year. Let's do this right! 

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