Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes? Which Cosmedica Products to use?

While most of us follow shelter in place orders, we may find ourselves spending more time on social media, streaming our favorite shows and reading online articles or e-books. With the increased time spent in front of computer screens compounded with the stress of uncertainty and a disrupted schedulethere are sure to be visible signs of exhaustionFor many people, stress and exhaustion  tend to be evident in the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. If you find yourself with either or both of these concerns don't despair. There are simple solutions. 

Puffy Eyes

 If you wake up with puffy eyes, you are not alone. The cause is due to excess water held under the delicate skin around the eyesThe thin tissue then swells and as a result appears puffy. Since we don’t blink throughout the nightmany people experience a little morning time puffiness, but it typically goes down after being awake and active for a whileFor those of us who eye remain puffy throughout the day, here is a list of common factors that also contribute: 


  • Stress 
  • Too much salt 
  • Crying 
  • Pollution 
  • Allergies 
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Dehydration  
  • Age 
  • Genetics 

What can I do? 

Once you narrow down what may be causing puffiness under your eyes, you will then know how to better prevent or reduce the appearance. Unfortunately, in these uncertain times we are more susceptible to seeking out comfort in our favorite processed snacks and bingable showsWhile no one will fault you for making the best out of difficult situation, there are other ways to keep positive and stay healthy. It is always helpful to try getting more exercise, drink more water and try to cut out any excess salt or sugar from your diet. Make it a point to drink a glass water first thing in the morning to wake up your brain and body. If you struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day, try setting a timer to help remind you or keep your favorite tumbler near by for convenience. If you find yourself reaching for more salt or sugar than ususal, try curbing these cravings with your fave seasonal fruits and veggies instead.  


 After increasing your water intake and cutting back on processed foodsyou may consider trying aunder-eye cream for extra help.We recommend trying Total Restorative Eye Cream. Thnatural ingredients  in this gentle cream will soothe and hydrate the skin around your eyes, while reducing the appearance of puffiness or fine lines over time.

Total Restorative Eye Cream

Dark Circles

Having dark shadows under your eyes can make you look more tired or stressed than you actually might feel. Often accompanied with puffiness, dark circles under the eyes are another indication of unbalanced diet and eye strain. In general the causes for dark circles under your eyes are similar to what causes puffiness, some of the more common causes are listed here: 


  • Allergies 
  • Stress 
  • Fatigue 
  • Eye strain 
  • Sun exposure 
  • Age 
  • Genetics 

 Again the most common contributing factors can be managed with healthy diet plenty or rest water and regular exerciseWith Spring in full swing, getting outside in the sunshine is an excellent way to break up the day and soak in some vitamin D. If you do decide to venture outdoors be sure to wear sunglasses and your preferred SPF sunscreen whenever possibleThe added benefit of getting out and keeping active will be the reward of a more restful night sleep which is certain to help manage dark circles. If stress is causing you to lose sleep a daily practice of meditation, yoga or journaling have all been proven to helpWhen all else fails, an extra boost of confidence may be found in a good under-eye treatment or concealer.  

We suggest Cosmedica’s Brightening EyeTreatment This under-eye gel works to help brighten the appearance of dark circles. It's light and easy to use. Try it at night or under your makeup during the day to benefit from ingredients like organic aloe, botanical hyaluronic acid and more.  

Brightening Eye Treatment

Beauty Treatment is Full Body and Mind

Avoiding smoking, excessive alcohol, and processed foods with too much salt and sugar will help keep you in better general healthManaging stress and maintaining your Mental health is equally important to your overall wellnessWhen you find yourself with visibly “tired eye” consider indulging a little more physical activity during the day for a better nights sleep. Limit your time sitting and starting at computer screens and break up the day with activities like dancing, walking or meditating.    

Natural methods and skincare products will always be the best place for you start in emphasizing your natural beauty. 

For clean and cruelty-free products try our Brightening Eye Treatment or Total Restorative Eye Cream. And remember to show your eyes some love by giving them the rest they need to stay healthy and bright.

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