How Do I Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally?

Excessively oily skin is frustrating. You’re constantly having to blot that shiny oil off your face all day long. Or you do your makeup in the morning, and by midday, it’s sliding away. Plus, with too much oil you may be more prone to breakouts and acne problems.

It’s a tricky thing to balance overproduction of oil with the right natural products for oily skin. You need skincare products with the highest quality ingredients. Sometimes the wrong acne skincare products will dry out the surface of your skin making the layers underneath produce even more oil and clog your pores in the process. Don’t worry though, with Cosmetic Skincare’s vegan, cruelty-free skincare products, we make a line of acne skincare products that will get rid of oily skin naturally, improving it in every way. 

Start with a Clarifying Cleanser

The Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is suitable for oily skin. It will remove impurities and excess oil when you cleanse, revealing smooth and bright skin. Plus, vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help protect the skin against environmental factors that can age it, like damage from the sun.  


Bind the Right Moisture to Your Skin in the Best Natural Skincare

It’s a mistake that people with oily skin think they don’t need to moisturize their skin. You just need the right kind of moisture that balances out the oil production. In each of your pores, a sebaceous gland produces oil or sebum. When you have an over-production of sebum, it’s important to manage it. One great way to do this is by using our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It’s well tolerated by an oily skin type, since your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid to nourish your skin, bones, tissues, and joints. 


Our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum won’t clog pores or leave a heavy residue on the skin. Usually, people with oily skin don’t like feeling heavy products on their skin. That’s why the texture of the Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum is enough to balance out the skin with the right moisture levels and weightless hydration. You will love how soft, hydrated and healthy it makes your skin feel. It also has the added benefit of smoothing out uneven skin tone created by acne or sun damage.

Detox, Detox, Detox

With all that excess oil, your skin can feel quite congested and clogged. Our Deep Detox Charcoal Mask will be your new favorite skincare product that we offer at Cosmedica Skincare. 

The mask uses charcoal and Kaolin clay to draw toxins and unwanted debris out of your skin that’s clogging your pores. Clay naturally soaks up excess oil. Its gentle exfoliation will remove dead skin cells for improved skin texture. After using this mask three times a week, you will be amazed by the improvements in your skin. You’ll notice less midday shine and oily breakthrough with skin that is more balanced and even. 


Try Our Vegan, Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

Natural products for oily skin are easy to find and use at Cosmedica Skincare. We offer a collection of skincare products dedicated to helping people manage oily and acne-prone skin. After all, having gorgeous and clear skin that you can feel good about is easy to achieve when you know how to treat it with Cosmedica Skincare. 


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