How To Become a Cosmedica Skincare Ambassador

Cosmedica Skincare has launched an ambassador program called The Glow Getter Program, and we are so excited! Cosmedica Skincare is looking for ambassadors to showcase our products and capture some amazing content. The ambassador program is an AFFILIATE program with sales requirements and not just product reviewing. As a Glow Getter, you will not only become an ambassador of Cosmedica Skincare, but you will be a part of other amazing skintellectuals that celebrate approachable and effective skincare.

What is a Glow Getter?

A Glow Getter is someone that appreciates vegan, cruelty-free, skincare that is affordable for all walks of life. They are also active on social media and provide valuable, engaging, and informative content to their following. A Glow Getter has a network of other skincare lovers that want insightful reviews and product suggestions from someone they trust (aka, You!), and is comfortable sponsoring a brand and driving sales.

How to Apply

  1. Start by visiting this link: Affiliate – Cosmedica Skincare 
  2. Click “sign up now” (make sure you have a creator account that is connected to a Facebook page).
  3. Once you are approved you will receive a custom discount code and affiliate link that is unique to you.  
  4. We’ll send you your first box of products to begin using and creating content with! 
  5. Add your affiliate link to your link-in-bio and share your 20% off discount code with your network.
  6. You will receive your commission monthly! We’ll send you new products every 3 months, as well as all of our newest product releases. 

Ambassador Requirements 

In order to become a Cosmedica Skincare Ambassador you must have an Instagram Creator account and a Facebook page. You also must post once a month in story with code, once a month selfie with code, once a month product highlight or demo with code. Your goal as a Cosmedica Skincare ambassador is to drive sales and be informative about our products. Once you have started making sales, you will receive another box of Cosmedica Skincare products after three months. 

How it works

As a Cosmedica Skincare Ambassador you will receive a box of products every three months and you will be encouraged to post about the products you received for three months until you receive a box of new products. You will receive commission only when a sale can be attributed to our affiliate link, which we pay out monthly. You’ll also be a part of our new product releases! We will send you shipments of our new releases before they are available on our website. As a Cosmedica Skincare Ambassador, you will also be required to share our new products on their release date and post product reviews to help sell the product. 

Content Ideas 

  • Texture photos or videos 
  • Skincare routine ideas 
  • Your favorite Cosmedica Skincare products 
  • How to Use a product 
  • Ingredient Highlights 
  • Reels about the products
  • Informative Content 
  • Cosmedica Skincare routine 
  • Skincare tips using Cosmedica Skincare products

Ready to sign up? Begin your application here

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