The Ladies Behind the Bottle [Pro-Tips]

When it comes to skincare, the ladies of Cosmedica Know. Their. Stuff. (Full Stop). From researching and staying on top of the latest innovations, to literally getting our hands “dirty” working with the products on a daily basis, we’ve truly seen it all. In that time, we’ve each come to love a few favorite products that have worked wonders for us, and developed one or two special tips and tricks along the way. And the good news is, our professionals are more than happy to share their expertise --particularly for those of you who might not be as fully skincare obsessed (yet!) as we are. Read on to learn which Cosmedica products are team favorites, from the ladies behind the bottle. 


Erica Sciuto (operations manager)

Fave product:  Mineral Enzyme

Tip:  "Besides just using it on my face whenever it feels dull, I like to use a little on my lips to prep them when I wear lipstick."


Sugey Torres (warehouse manager)

Fav product - Vitamin C Cleanser

"I like it because my face feels oil free after I wash it."


Christie Cannon (customer service manager)

My favorite product is the Super Nutrient Balm. 

"I like to mix it with either a CC cream or an illuminizer or both and it helps it all to absorb and blend in evenly as a base in my a.m. routine."

Brittany Mongston (dist. and wholesale manager)

Fav product: Retinol Serum/Moisturizer

"My complexion always looks so even and smooth the morning after I use this fantastic duo."


Lucy Conway (president) 

My favorite product: Vitamin C Super Serum

"It’s perfect during the day- not greasy or tacky,  can wear under makeup and feel like I’m doing good for my skin during the day."

Tip: "If I feel like my skin is a bit more oily during the summer, I mix it with two sprays of the Hydrate & Tone and then apply. This helps to control oil and shine throughout the day."

So there you have it. A peek inside the proverbial medicine cabinet of some of the best in the biz. Whether you’re looking to expand, strengthen, or switch up your skincare routine, these are the tried-and-true products our team can’t live without! Shop our favorites here. 

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