When should you detox your skin?

First off, does your skin really need to detox?

Detox is a word that’s thrown around a lot in diet, exercise, and all things wellness. With your skin being the largest organ of the body, does that need a detox too? Yep!

Your skin’s main function is to protect your insides from the outside world. And in a world that continually bombards you with environmental and technological pollution, it’s important to give your skin a break and help draw out some of those toxins and irritants.

Which ingredients help detoxify the skin?

Charcoal: this is a great ingredient for drawing out impurities in the skin. If you’re dealing with congested pores, charcoal acts as a magnet and can absorb 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities. It helps control oil, purify the skin and tighten the look of pores.

Bentonite: this is a type of clay that also helps draw impurities from the skin. If your skin is oily, or experiencing clogged pores, this clay helps control oil production and helps remove dirt and debris.

Kaolin: another naturally occurring clay mineral that helps to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells and remove debris from the surface of the skin. When it dries on the skin, it acts as a magnet to pull out dirt and dead skin cells and help control oil production.

Vitamin C (Citric Acid): after removing the debris and oil from the skin, you can protect it from new damage by using Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which protects against free radicals (which can cause fine lines, wrinkles, and other premature signs of aging).

What’s a good all-in-one product to help detox my skin?

Usually masks are a great product to help detoxify the skin. They are a targeted treatment that stay on for an extended period of time to really get the job done. When used 2-3 times a week, skin has an opportunity to further repair and protect itself from damage.

We recommend this to get on the road to skin detox. It contains all of the ingredients listed above!

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