Why Rosewater and Witch Hazel Toners are Best for Acne

When it comes to toners, two products stand out as the superior option for natural ingredient skincare routines: Rosewater and witch hazel. Both ingredients have been touted as the holy grail of skin care for their ability to protect against free radicals, lift excess oil even after a thorough cleanse, and tighten the skin and minimize pores to combat the effects of aging. With benefits like these, it’s no wonder that rosewater and witch hazel toner may even be able to keep acne in check. 

Here’s how these cult favorites encourage glowing, clear skin:


Witch Hazel (hamamelis virginiana) is a flowering plant native to North America. While witch hazel is not a new skincare product, its botanical extract acts as a natural astringent, making it a clear choice for toning. Not only does it help contract tissues to shrink pores, but it also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that may address blackheads and whiteheads. The antioxidant properties also fight against inflammation and free radicals in the skin.

If you’ve ever used a cotton pad soaked with witch hazel to tone your skin, then you may have noticed some leftover oil and dirt – even after cleansing. Because clogged pores are a major culprit of whiteheads and blackheads, witch hazel aims to lift any excess oil or surface impurities and keep skin clear. The anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel decrease redness and swelling in prevalent acne bumps.

For best results, gradually introduce an alcohol-free witch hazel into your routine like our Hydrate & Tone Rosewater Witch Hazel Face Toner to prevent excessive dry skin.


Rosewater is the mixture of essential oils from rose petals. The soothing characteristics of the rose flower water offer relief for acne-prone skin and can give a boost of hydration to the skin. Perhaps the largest benefit of rosewater toner is that it is an astringent without the drying effects of typical products. Instead, it is extremely hydrating to the skin. 

When aiming to address the appearance of acne, reach for rose water toner. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and decrease inflammation, while soothing irritated skin. Studies also show that rosewater may kill the bacteria associated with acne to keep your face balanced. Although this bacterium naturally lives on the face, when overgrown, it can cause pimples and acne cysts.

Rosewater can be used as both an astringent toner and refreshing mist in your skincare routine. As a toner, spritz on our Hydrate & Tone Rosewater Witch Hazel Face Toner after cleansing and use it throughout the day to hydrate and refresh your skin. 

Rosewater and witch hazel both offer unique benefits for separate skin types and desired outcomes, but when used together, they may provide the best of both worlds. Our Hydrate & Tone Rosewater Witch Hazel Face Toner does exactly what its name suggests. With the powerful astringent of witch hazel and the hydration of rosewater, this product can help keep your skin balanced and youthful.

Pair with our Pure Hyaluronic Acid for an extra boost of hydration and radiance!


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