Why the Consistency of Hyaluronic Acid Can Differ

At Cosmedica Skincare, we get a lot of questions about hyaluronic acid from our clients. One of the most common questions is why the consistency differs among hyaluronic acid serums. This happens for a few different reasons and you may have noticed it if you have used hyaluronic acid from various skincare companies. Our vegan, cruelty-free skincare products at Cosmedica Skincare are created with the best and most comprehensive skincare ingredients and technology for a product that will work wonders for your skin. Here’s a look at what makes our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum so special and why the consistency may differ. 

How We Source Hyaluronic Acid

We use naturally sourced hyaluronic acid for our serum, which is why the consistency of this moisture-binding miracle worker can differ between bottles. Hyaluronic acid is meant to deliver long-lasting moisture, but also plumps up the skin to make it look more radiant and youthful. It’s actually a substance that is produced by your own body, so hyaluronic acid is well tolerated as a gentle and effective skincare serum.You’ll notice dry patches disappear and more supple, hydrated skin texture. 

The Most Effective Hyaluronic Acid Is Water-Based 

Why is it watery? That is a good question since our serum has a thinner consistency than may be expected. The benefits of low viscosity hyaluronic acid serum are: 1) No chemical thickening agents, 2) will not clog pores, 3) lightweight so it absorbs quickly, and 4) free of oils, silicone or polymers. Both serums and moisturizers, in their own unique way, offer beneficial moisture to the skin. Serums work from deep within the layers of skin, while moisturizers lock in moisture on the outer most layer. As this is a serum and not meant to replace your moisturizer, it should be applied after cleansing and toning and before your moisturizer. 

Thicker Isn’t Better

Having a thicker consistency of hyaluronic acid isn’t necessarily better. If it’s too thick and the molecules are too large, it’s not going to be absorbed by your skin. It will just lay on the surface of your epidermis, without making a difference in your skincare routine. Think of heavy hyaluronic acid like trying to get “Jello” to absorb into your skin. It definitely won’t work.  

Our Hyaluronic Acid is 100 Percent Pure

Our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum is exactly that...100 percent pure. This makes a huge difference in how it’s going to work for your skin. That means there aren’t any other artificial ingredient fillers in the product.

You’ll find that lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable, your skin is brighter, and dark spots fade away. An overall more perfect complexion is the result when you commit to a hyaluronic acid regimen. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to use. After you cleanse, layer on a few drops all over your face before your regular moisturizer or other treatment serums, like our Vitamin C Super Serumor 2.5 % Retinol Facial Serum. 

We hope this clears up some questions about how hyaluronic acids works and the reasons the consistency might not be the same each time you buy a bottle of it. If you have further questions about our cruelty free skincare products, feel free to reach out to us at Cosmedica Skincare. 



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Should hyaluronic acid serum be applied before the Vitamin C serum?

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