Winter Hydration Tips for Dry Skin

Dry skin in winter can be a bit of a challenge to manage. If you have seasonal changes in your skin, it may be frustrating to find a skincare routine that works. Plus, if you use the same products year round, they may not pack the punch you need for improved skin during the winter.

Don’t worry because Cosmedica Skincare has a bounty of products that can absolutely rid your winter dry skin blues. Each one is designed to address the root cause of winter skin dryness, making your skin a total dream. Flakes? Gone. Dehydrated skin? Bye-bye. Rough texture? Not a chance when you incorporate the right skincare into your winter routine. It would be nice to be able to sail through winter without any issues, but for most people who live in colder climates there are quite a few reasons why the skin changes in the winter. Let’s look at the reasons why dry winter skin is a problem, and how you can turn it around for silky smooth skin in just a few days.

Causes of Dry Skin in Winter

Dry winter skin is caused by a variety of factors that are present during these colder months. For one thing, the air outside is super cold. In some places, it can get down into the teens and single digits temperature-wise. Dry skin, in scientific terms, is known as “xeroderma.” Cold air is one of the factors that can zap the moisture right out of your skin. That loss of moisture can create a host of problems and symptoms of dry skin that you may not normally have during the spring, summer, or fall. With that colder air, there is typically less humidity and windier conditions that can also contribute to drying out your skin.

Not only does the outside temperature and air quality contribute to dryer skin in the wintertime, but you also have to worry about the air inside your home. That’s because, during the winter, you are naturally running your furnace to heat the house. That extra heat will dry out the air in your home, heating it up for comfort and warmth, but in the process, it will also dehydrate your skin. Any kind of indoor heating element from central heating to fireplaces will remove moisture from the air, leaving your skin dry as a bone.

Symptoms of Winter Skin Problems

So, what are some of the winter skin problems you are experiencing? It could be a variety of issues that are making your skin lackluster and dull. Skin that is fully hydrated will appear more youthful and glowing. Here are some winter skin symptoms that may be plaguing you during the winter weather season.
  • Rough and bumpy texture
  • Feeling uncomfortably tight
  • Flaky skin
  • Scaly skin with peeling
  • Fine lines look more prominent
  • Reddish-looking skin
  • Deeper cracks with bleeding
  • Itchy skin or skin irritation

Sounds like a nightmare for your poor skin, doesn't it? But if your skin is experiencing any dry winter symptoms, the best thing you can do is take care of it fast. You want to reverse those winter skin flaws and improve your skin's moisture barrier to reveal skin that is healthy and comfortable for you.

Best Ways to Keep Skin Hydrated in Winter

There are definitely ways to keep your skin hydrated and in better condition all winter long. That may include making preventative changes to your environment and creating an optimal skincare routine that addresses severe dryness. Doing a combination of things is going to allow your skin to be the best it can be all winter long.

Preventative Measures

In your environment, there are some things you can do to help prevent winter skin woes. One of the best methods to explore in your home is a humidifier. This can add beneficial hydration to your air that will affect your skin because low humidity is a problem. All you have to do is put a couple of humidifiers in key locations around your home where you spend the most time. That usually includes your bedroom at night and the living room during the day. More heated air will benefit your sensitive skin in so many ways to counteract the effect of central heating with dry air zapping the life out of your skin.

Treatment for Dryness

Another way to reverse the effects of dry winter skin is to treat the skin barrier the right way. That may include using special skincare products that you don’t use all year long. If you have super dry skin, then by all means use this treatment year-round to improve the condition of your skin. If you just experience seasonal dryness, then it may be needed just during those few winter months to balance the oil levels in your skin.

One of the best products we offer to fight dehydration is Cosmedica’s Super Nutrient Facial Balm. This product is here to rescue flaky, rough, and lackluster skin from the cold. It’s packed with skin-nourishing ingredients, like organic rosehip seed, aloe, and green tea extract. Those ingredients alone will help with red, irritated skin. There’s vitamin E and grapeseed oil with fatty acids that acts as antioxidants to repair damaged winter skin. The Super Nutrient Facial Balm will help insulate the skin from being further dehydrated each time you use it. With so many rich nutrients, we call it our “health-restoring moisturizer.” It’s also paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, like all of our products at Cosmedica Skincare. Use it morning and night right on top of any serums you are using.

Your Daily Winter Skincare Routine

So, if you have truly dehydrated and dry winter skin from cold weather, you may need to revamp your entire winter skincare routine. Here’s the ultimate winter skincare routine designed specifically to banish bad winter skin. Implement this routine both morning and night to see improvements in your skin the first time you use it. And over time, the more you use this routine in the wintertime, the better your skin will look and feel.

Step #1: Cleanse, Not Strip

 Infographic showing the benefits of Cosmedica Skincare's Vitamin C Facial Cleanser.

Your cleanser is very important this time of year. Harsh soaps are out. It needs to not strip your skin of vital moisture or natural oils to prevent winter dryness when you wash. Our Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is a game-changer in a daily gentle cleanser. It will restore vibrancy and clarity to your skin, without drying it out. With organic oil and fruit oils, it will infuse the skin with natural moisture, making it feel comfortable, and not tight. A quick tip is to wash with lukewarm water, not hot water, because it's less drying for your skin. Dry with a soft towel. Don't submit your skin to long, hot showers.

Step #2: Add Serums to Bind Moisture

Infographic showing the benefits of Cosmedica Skincare's Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

After cleansing, there’s a must-have product for damaged winter skin. It’s our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum., our skincare superhero. Hyaluronic acid will make the biggest difference in your skin. It can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, binding moisture to your skin with every use. All of your skincare products will work and absorb better, making your skin bounce back with hydration.

Another great serum to use in the winter is the Illuminating Rose Gold Facial Serum. It has immediate brightening benefits to make the skin look more dewy and glowing and infused with moisture during those dry winter months. Use this one during the day and the Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum at night.

Step #3: Moisturize Day and Night

Infographic showing the benefits of Cosmedica Skincare's Super Nutrient Facial Balm.

In the wintertime, it will help to double up on your moisturizers. That includes using the Super Nutrient Facial Balm during the day and again using it at night along with a special nighttime moisturizer. There are two choices to consider. If you have super flaky skin and need the power of retinol to bust through those flakes over time, use the 2.5 % Retinol Facial Night Cream. If flakes aren’t an issue, but you just need extra moisture and less water loss, try the Multi-Active Hydrating Night Cream.

Step #4: Scrub Away Dead Skin Cells

Infographic showing the benefits of Cosmedica Skincare's 2.5% Gycolic Facial Scrub.

This isn’t a daily step but should be added a few times a week to slough away dead skin cells. It’s our 2.5 % Glycolic Facial Scrub. With rough texture and uneven tone plaguing your skin, it’s important to develop an exfoliation routine that addresses these issues. Using the scrub a few times a week will reveal smoother, softer, and more perfect skin that will respond even better to the first three steps of your basic skincare routine.

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen In the Winter

Another factor to consider in the winter is SPF protection. Don’t think of this as just a summer necessity. It’s just as important for skin health all year long. Use an SPF of at least 30 on a daily basis to help ward off premature aging, sunspots (hyperpigmentation), and most importantly, melanoma (skin cancer). Find a sunscreen that you love, is easy to apply, doesn’t leave a heavy residue, and will be the last step in your daily skincare routine for more beautiful skin.

Let Us Design Your Best Skincare Routine Ever

As always, if you have any questions about crafting the ultimate skincare routine for the wintertime or any time of year, give us a call at Cosmedica Skincare. Our skincare experts are more than happy to make sure that the skincare products you are using will provide the best results possible. Plus, it may help to start with this skincare quiz, which identifies your skincare concerns and issues before building a personalized regimen. More beautiful skin is on the way when you start using the best routine from Cosmedica Skincare.

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