Your Guide to Clear Skin - How To Bounce Back from “Maskne”

We have all had to make adjustments to our day to day life amid the current global pandemic such as wearing masks. It is the least we can do to protect ourselves and others from exposure (we thank you for doing so!). As we continue to wear our masks on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that this can take a toll on your skin. Breakouts, irritation, and “maskne” are all common skin issues that can be triggered by this. 

But what actually is “maskne”? It’s a form of acne that may develop from constant mask-wearing which can stress out your skin. Looking for solutions? Don’t fret - we’ve put together some tips and recommendations to treat, repair, and soothe your skin to reveal a clear complexion. 


Start by clearing your skin of any dirt, oil, and impurities with a cleanser. We love our Activated Charcoal Cleanser for this! It detoxifies and clears skin of daily build-up and environmental impurities while the Activated Charcoal attracts dirt and excess oil like a magnet. 

Use on a daily basis. AM/PM. 

activated charcoal cleanser


In order to break down dead skin cells and reveal brighter, more even skin, exfoliating on a regular basis is a must! Enzymatic exfoliants with naturally occurring plant-based enzymes like our Mineral Enzyme Exfoliant are perfect for more sensitive skin. Such a quick and easy solution that sprays on and instantly buffs away debris and makeup residue. 

Use 2 - 3 times per week as needed. 

mineral enzyme exfoliant


Next, apply a nourishing serum with clean, effective ingredients. We can’t get enough of our Vitamin C Super Serum (now available at Target!). This powerful serum helps to brighten skin, boost collagen production, and protect against free radical damage with the proven antioxidant protection of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

Use on a daily basis. AM/PM.

vitamin c super serum


PRO TIP: Make sure to wash your cloth masks thoroughly with hot water after each use to reduce the effects of built-up bacteria.  

We hope this advice helps you find a routine that targets your concerns to reveal a fresher, brighter complexion! Stay safe out there. 

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