Dehydrated skin is a condition in which the skin’s intracellular matrix lacks adequate moisture to remain healthy.  It can about for any number of reasons.  The most common contributor to dehydrated skin is environmental; including cold weather, arid climates, and using the heater or air conditioner.  Sensitive skin types are often more susceptible to dehydration.  

Did you know that oily skin can also be dehydrated? When the skin is lacking hydration (water), it can overproduce oil to compensate. This will actually make the skin even oilier which can lead to breakouts. It is important for all skin types, even oily, to hydrate their skin daily.

Dehydration is problematic for a variety of reasons.  First, dehydrated skin is uncomfortable.  It is often accompanied by an disagreeable, tight feeling and a burning sensation.  It is easily irritated and loses the ability to heal quickly and properly.  Oftentimes, the skin becomes flaky and shows lines where dryness is most severe.  Itching and redness are also common with dehydrated skin.  Left untreated, dry skin can crack and scab to cause extreme discomfort and pain.

Second, dehydrated skin is unhealthy.  The skin needs adequate hydration.  Skin cell activity depends on it.  When there isn’t enough moisture to create a healthy environment, skin cell production of elastic fibers slows.  Additionally, cellular regeneration diminishes, decreasing the vitality of the skin and its ability to heal when damaged.  

Third, dehydrated skin does not look good.  It appears tired, devitalized, and dull.  And because of diminished skin cell production of collagen and elastin, it is more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.  At the same time, it may be red, painful looking, and patchy.  Additionally, the rough texture is unsightly and unattractive to touch.

It is also important to note that dry skin worsens with age.  As the skin grows older, it produces less oil and sheds less efficiently, exacerbating the condition.

Although some individuals are more susceptible to dry, dehydrated skin, there is plenty you can to to heal and prevent it.  By replenishing the skin with the vital moisture it needs, you can eliminate the negative symptoms associated with hydration and give the skin a radiant, supple appearance.  

Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the perfect solution for dry skin and chronic dehydration.  It uses the immense hydrating power of hyaluronic acid to penetrate the skin with the moisture it needs for deep, lasting hydration and subsequent benefits.