The Problem: Aging Skin

It’s a simple question.  Why does the skin age?  Are the fine lines and wrinkles of old age entirely unavoidable?  Or is there something I can do about it?  Cosmedica Skincare is here to break down the issue of aging skin and how you can deal with it most effectively.  

Cause #1: Intrinsic Aging

The first type of aging is called intrinsic aging; it happens on the inside of your body. It’s built into your DNA, and there’s nothing you can do reverse it at the source.  At some point in your twenties, your body chemistry changes, and collagen and elastin (this forms the structural basis of your skin and gives it elasticity) begin to break down.  As collagen and elastin deteriorate, the skin no longer returns to its former shape as quickly. This leads to to sagging skin, the formation of wrinkles, and increasingly visible expression lines.

Cause #2: Extrinsic Aging

The second type of aging is called extrinsic aging; it happens outside of your body. Extrinsic aging damages the skin and increases the rate of intrinsic aging. This includes environmental elements such as the sun’s harmful rays, pollution/smog, cigarette smoke, even the light coming off computer and mobile phone screens! Extrinsic factors further damage skin cells, making them less efficient at regenerating and less able to produce collagen and elastin.  

The Problem: Collagen, Elastin, and Less Efficient Skin Cells

Intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging combine to break down collagen and elastin while damaging skin cells.  With less elasticity to hold the skin where it should be and skin cells regenerating slower with age, the appearance of the skin deteriorates.  

The Results: Age Signs

We’ve all seen them!  With decreased elasticity and reduced cell-regeneration, the skin starts to break down.  If you’ve ever blown a balloon all the way up and let the air out, you’ve seen the way this looks; only this time it’s happening in your skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles develop, the skin sags, and expression lines become more evident.  

The Solution: Increased Skin Cell Activity

Healthy skin is more active skin, meaning if your skin is healthy, your skin cells are turning over quicker, revealing more vibrant, plumper cells quicker. Cosmedica Skincare provides a line of products that stimulate this type of cell activity for visible anti-aging benefits.