Get This Simple Summer Skincare Routine

When the weather heats up and you begin to switch to your summer wardrobe, it’s important to protect the skin that you’re in. With the right steps, you can guarantee that your skin looks gorgeous, radiant, and youthful during the hottest months of the year.

It’s important to understand that the summer weather can be just as detrimental to your skin as the winter winds, perhaps even more so. This is because the summer sun causes your skin to sweat. This can lead to issues with your pores clogging up, eventually triggering breakouts, depending on your skin type. You might also find that your skin is more dehydrated than usual and lacks some much-needed moisture. Without moisture, your skin is more likely to show signs of age and you may also notice irritation, tightness, and discomfort. 

The good news is that all the issues caused by the summer weather can be dealt with effectively by using the right skincare routine. Here are the options that we recommend to keep your skin in the best possible condition all season. 

Start The Day With A Face Wash

When you wake up in the morning, you should always start the day by using a face wash. This is a key part of your daily skincare routine during the summer months. Do be aware that your skin is likely to be more oily during the summer. The right face wash or facial mask will remove a lot of dirt and grease. A gel-based face wash will be more suitable for dry skin whereas you should opt for a water-based wash if your skin is naturally quite oily. Great for all skin types is Cosmedica Skincare's Vitamin C Facial Wash with its gentle but effective formula and refreshing citrus tingle.  

Use A Hydrating Moisturizer 

First, you should make sure that you are using a hydrating moisturizer as part of your summer skincare routine. As mentioned, your skin is far more likely to lose moisture during the summer months. This means that you need to restore the lost moisture and keep your skin well-hydrated. That will guarantee radiant skin that doesn’t look dried out or irritated. There are a lot of options. Something like our Rosy Hydration set could be perfect here. This is also an anti-aging skin care product. As such, in addition to keeping your skin hydrated, it can eliminate or reduce common signs of age including fine lines and sagging. 

Utilize Sun Protection 

If you are going outside during the summer, then you need to use sun protection. This is key for healthy skin that is free from blemishes or serious health issues. You might think that if it’s an overcast day, then you don’t need sun protection. Experts warn that this is not the case. Indeed, the most dangerous sun rays can impact your skin even when there is plenty of cloud cover to block direct impact.

When you are choosing sun protection, it’s also important to make sure that you are selecting the right SPF rating. You should always use a product that has an SPF of 30 or more. For a more advanced form of protection choose SPF 50 sunscreen. This will protect your skin from approximately 98% of UVB rays. 

Use A Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

Hyaluronic acid is the ingredient that needs to be part of your summer skincare routine. As well as providing hydration if your skin is dry, it will ensure that your skin remains bright and radiant throughout the season. It can also help you fight back against some of the common signs of age that are caused by the sun. Remember, this can be an issue even if you are using the best sun protection available on the market. 

Choose A Vitamin C Product 

You might also want to think about choosing a vitamin C skincare product for your summer skincare routine. Ensuring that a vitamin C skincare product is part of your daily routine will expose your skin to a wide range of active ingredients. These are effective at combating anything from an uneven skin tone to the most noticeable signs of aging. Vitamin C skin care products use powerful antioxidants that will refresh and rejuvenate your skin after a long, hot, summer. 

Lighten Your Skin Care Routine 

During the summer, it’s important to keep your skin-care routine as light as possible. This means that you should consider using a more gentle foaming facial cleanser instead of a cream or oil. This will put less pressure on your skin while still delivering the key changes and levels of protection that you want. 

Stay In The Shade

While it can be tempting to stay outside and get that perfect tan through the day, experts recommend that you stay in the shade as much as possible. Even the best sunscreen will only do so much to protect your skin. The best protection for your skin will always be to ensure that you expose it to as little direct sunlight as possible. You should also aim to avoid the midday sun or the heat of the day completely. 

Hydrate Your Skin At Night

Finally, while the temperature may drop during the evening, your skin can still dry out through the night. That’s why you should consider using a multi-active hydrating night cream. A hydrating moisturizer like this will keep your skin refreshed and ensure that when you wake up it already looks incredible. That means that you’ll just need to use your facial cleanser to get rid of any dirt or oil that might be left on your skin after a night in bed. 

Use this skincare routine and you can guarantee that your skin looks youthful, vibrant, and healthy throughout the summer months. Remember, regardless of what skincare products you are using, you should always check the ingredients. If you notice any issues with irritation or other side effects, you might need to try a different option that is going to be more suitable for your specific skin type. You might need to try a few options before finding the best daily skincare routine. 

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