The 12 Days of Cosmedica

It's here; we're celebrating The 12 Days of Cosmedica!

Every day we'll reveal a new product, video, or kit that will make you fall in love with Cosmedica (even more!).

It's time to learn about your new favorites, how to use them, and what to gift.

Get ready to sing!

On the twelfth day of Cosmedica, my true love gave to me…

An entirely new skincare routine!

11 different samples

10 amazing benefits

9 thousand sparkles!

8(+) active ingredients

7 days to brightness

6 acne fighters

Fiiiive hundred and forty microneedles!

4 essential buys

3 amazing serums

2 different toners


Their number one selling product!



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I love, love, love this product! I tell everyone about it.

Jennifer December 11, 2017

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