The Power of 3: Get to Know Limited-Ingredient Skincare

Do you ever feel like you need a PhD just to read and understand all of  the ingredients in your skincare, makeup, or hair products? You hope that all of those ingredients are there for a reason, but sometimes, that reason isn’t so great. Fillers and chemicals can dominate products.

A few years ago, consumers started speaking up about the chemicals and fillers added to their food, and now, people are taking notice of what’s in their cosmetic products. It makes sense, if you’re concerned about what you’re putting in to your body, you should also take notice of what you’re putting on it.

Limited ingredient makeup and skincare are going to pop up more in 2018, and frankly, we’re stoked. At Cosmedica Skincare, we’ve been using limited ingredients in our number one selling product since its inception. We believe in simple, effective, and cost-conscious skincare.

So, let’s breakdown all 3 of the ingredients in our Pure Hyaluronic Acid serum, and why they’re there:

1. Distilled Water

This is the most gentle and hypoallergenic base to a skincare product. Individuals do not have a reaction to distilled water, and it acts as a great carrier for the active ingredient.

2. Sodium Hyaluronate

This is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (HA), and occurs naturally within the body. It’s used in skincare because of its water-binding and water-attracting capabilities. Sodium hyaluronate is a smaller molecular size than traditional HA, which means it is more readily absorbed into the skin.

Cosmedica Skincare uses a 2% formula concentration. Anything more would make the product too gelatinous, and anything less would feel too thin. We use a combination of low and medium weight molecular HA.

Need a crash course on why HA is so great? Check that out here. Don’t want to read? That’s OK too.

3. Benzylalcohol-DHA

This is the preserving agent, and keeps the product stable and effective. We prefer this ingredient because it is a paraben-free preservative. It’s also a great delivery agent to get product deeper into the skin. Because it’s an alcohol, once it’s done working, it will evaporate. And don’t worry about over drying, as it’s too small a percentage to dry out the skin.

Three simple, effective ingredients are really all you need for hydrated, plumper, and happier skin.

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