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Get our two core ingredients in a perfect pairing with our Super... More Details

Get our two core ingredients in a perfect pairing with our Super Serum Set! Our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Vitamin C Super-C Boost are designed to hydrate and brighten your skin's surface. Simply mix your Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum into a scoop of your Super C Boost for a boost in complexion and anti-aging benefits. The Super Serum Set is your key to daily skin nutrients and long term results.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water to deliver long-lasting moisture and plumping. Multi-beneficial hydrating and plumping properties, hyaluronic acid, combats dryness and aging skin while providing balanced moisture to rejuvenate skins youthful glow. Hyaluronic Acid Serum enhances the skin’s moisture balance, hyaluronic acid serum turns back the clock on aging skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lifting away age spots, dark spots and brightening the skin for a youthful luminescence. Formulated with 100% pure hyaluronic acid and including the highest potency available without a prescription, Hyaluronic Acid Serum is an advanced formula that delivers the skin the moisture it needs for a rejuvenated appearance.

Cosmedica Skincare Super C-Boost is a topical multi-functional Vitamin C powder. Scoop and boost your skincare routine with a concentrated dose of fine 325 mesh 100% L-Ascorbic Acid. A stable form of Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid is an effective antioxidant known to brighten dull complexions and target signs of aging. Instantly, customize your serum, toner or moisturizer with a supercharged dose of Vitamin C.
After cleansing and toning, pour 1 scoop of your Super C Boost into the palm of your hand and combine with our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, mix until combined evenly, then pat the product onto the face and décolleté. Use gentle patting motions to promote absorption. Safe to use morning and night. Safe to use on all skin types and hypoallergenic. We recommend pairing Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Multi-Active Hydrating Night Cream for best results.

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Distilled Water, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), Benzylalcohol-DHA

*Cosmedica Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum has been clinically tested to be safe for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and dermatologist reviewed.

Super C Boost: L-Ascorbic Acid 325 fine mesh


What is included in the Super Serum Set?

The Super Serum Set includes three powerful serums: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinol.

How do I use the Super Serum Set?

Apply a few drops of each serum to clean skin, morning and night, followed by moisturizer.

Are these serums suitable for all skin types?

Yes, these serums are formulated to be suitable for all skin types.

Can I use the Super Serum Set with other skincare products?

Yes, you can incorporate the Super Serum Set into your existing skincare routine.

How long will it take to see results from using the Super Serum Set?

Results may vary, but many users report seeing improved skin texture and tone within a few weeks of regular use.

Elevate your skincare ritual with Cosmedica's Dynamic D-Boost. This innovative potion harnesses the strength of powerful Vitamin D, a unique substance that reinvigorates weary, aging skin cells, revealing a youthful, lively radiance. As it replenishes, plant extracts stimulate fresh skin cell growth and essential oils minimize scarring. Embrace diminished wrinkles and uniform skin tone as you uncover your skin's radiant allure. Dynamic D-Boost is not just an ordinary serum - it's a skin renewing experience that your skin will adore!





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Benefits at a Glance:

    • Hydration: The Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum intensely hydrates, reducing dryness and enhancing skin plumpness.
    • Brightening: The Super C-Boost, a concentrated Vitamin C powder, helps brighten the skin and combat signs of aging like sun damage and discoloration.
    • Customization: Allows for mixing the Super C-Boost into any serum, moisturizer, or toner for a personalized skincare solution.
    • Antioxidant Protection: Vitamin C provides strong antioxidant benefits, protecting the skin from environmental stressors.

How To Use

    "Unmask the liveliness of your skin with these steps!"

    • Cleanse: Start with a clean, makeup-free face.
    • Apply: Dispense a few drops of the Dynamic D-Boost onto your fingertips.
    • Massage: Tenderly massage the serum onto your face in a circular motion to stimulate blood circulation and absorption.
    • Leave on: Let the serum permeate and nourish your skin. No need to rinse off.

    *For optimal results, use the serum daily, preferably in your PM skincare routine.

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